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Hand Baggage

Each passenger is entitled to hand luggage in airlines easyJet. Allowed is one bag, suitcase, backpack of specific sizes. Passengers flying with easyJet in specific fares can take with them onboard additional smaller bag, suitcase, backpack. In practice it can be, for instance, a woman’s bag or bag for laptop. It is worth to remember that such hand luggage also has to be placed either beneath or above the seat. The place will be pointed out by the crew.

Apart from described above hand luggage, easyJet’s passengers can take onboard other indispensable objects – coats, scarf, umbrella or objects easing moving, if there is such need – it can be crutches, a cane or a walker. If a passenger is moving around with wheelchair, it has to be reported earlier, so the crew has time to prepare a special wheelchair that fits onboard.

It is worth to remember that with hand luggage in airlines easyJet, as in any other airlines, passengers are obliged to follow rules concerning objects that are allowed to be carried in hand luggage. Onboard of easyJet planes you can’t bring, among others, sharp objects, that could be used as weapon, flammable substances etc.

It is very important to obey limits of liquids, that can be brought onboard planes of easyJet in hand luggage. One passenger can carry maximum 1 litre of liquids, each in bottle of maximum capacity of 100 ml. Remember that liquids are also cosmetics – shampoo, shower gel, lotion for makeup removal etc.