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Checked Baggage

Passengers travelling with easyJet in standard fare are not entitled to registered luggage. Each of passenger can buy additionally possibility of bringing luggage to storage. It is worth to remember that registered luggage in easyJet should have specific size (all together 275 cm on three sides) and weight (20 kilos each). One passenger can take with him maximum three pieces of registered luggage. Additional registered luggage you can buy during booking or via phone call with consultant.

Airlines easyJet are allowing possibility of carrying bigger luggage or heavier than standard one. Their height depends on type of excess baggage, date and route of flight.

Other rules concerns carrying sport equipment (e.g. skis) or medical one (e.g. wheelchair), as well as accessories for kids, such as pram or baby sling. If you want to carry in easyJet other luggage than standard suitcase, call consultant, that will help you to choose the best solution.

Content of registered luggage in easyJet is not subject to such strict checks such as hand luggage, nevertheless there you also can’t pack each object that you dream of. Forbidden is carrying in registered luggage flammable objects or those that can explode. Apart from that, passengers are obliged by custom rules depending on route. It is worth to rethink placing in registered baggage fragile things, that can be destroyed during transport.